7000T Ultra-large die casting machine debuts in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-05-30 09:50

To meet the greater demand and higher requirement on die casting products from the industries like new energy automobile and 5G, YIZUMI, a local molding equipment manufacturing giant, has doubled its effort in R&D in recent years. Its LEAP series 7000T Ultra-large die casting machine unveiled on May 26th marked a breakthrough in machine manufacturing. Both efficiency and precision have been greatly improved.


Reportedly, the rigid clamping system provides stable die opening and closing movement. The fast injection speed can reach up to 12m/s. The machine offers high-dynamic filling capacity for the manufacturing of large thin-wall parts and can meet the strict requirements of ultra-large integrated die casting parts of new energy vehicles. With all the state-of-all functions, the machine outperforms its rivals in China and even global market.



More projects are getting underway. On the signing ceremony, YIZUMI and FAW Foundry, one of the largest auto casting production bases in China, have established a partnership for the integrated solution of 9000T die casting application. Going forward, these two parties will work together to break down bottlenecks and get momentum to the industry. It is believed that the cost will further to be reduced and production efficiency will be improved.


As the the industry is getting full wing, YIZUMI Ultra-Heavy Die Casting Machine Factory is to be wrapped up on October this year. This 23,000 square meter factory, with an investment of 160 million, is for the production and assembly of 20000T Ultra-large die casting machine.


With more effort by corporations and support of local government, high-quality economic development is poised for take-off.


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