"FASHION BOND" brought hyper fashion to Foshan
Foshan China 2022-06-10 09:55

How does it feel like to see bronzes ritual vessel back in the Zhou Dynasty, the circus, Buzz Lightyear, Monets Garden and all the other elements on the same fashion show... FASHION BOND, Fashion Forward GBA 2022, a fashion tour, was kicked off at the Jians Building of Lingnan Tiandi. The show echoes the fashion design industry as it stages 67 pieces of clothing from more than 20 fashion brands and 6 design institutes.  



For two stops in a row, FASHION BOND, as arranged by Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF), a non-profitable fashion design association, has been well received in Guangzhou and Guangdong-Macao In Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin. The exhibition in Foshan will last till July 3rd, as followed by Shenzhen and Hong Kong stops.



Many works stood out from all the others. A young deigner (aka TUYUE 涂月) craved up a classic "yellow sand and desert smoke" in image seen back in Nothern Dynasties. For Gary Wat, he used Cantonese embroidery to make special patterns. For those works from on-campus designer, PSYCHEDELIC CIRCUS drew inspirations from peoples childhood favourite cartoon, Buzz Lightyear.


Yang Jinhuai, the Project Director at FFF, stressed that Fashion Forward GBA 2022 is an open stage for creative minds of all ages. It includes not just young fashion designers but also many inspired college students. "We hope to see the public find more interests in all these creative expressions of fashion design. By including works from both design schools and fashion brands, we just want to see these young designers grow and find more real-life inspiration."


As an addition to the fashion show, FASHION BEAT GBA Music Fashion Show will also start at Longtang Poetry Club, Lingnan Tiandi. The event will feature performances from three highly anticipated indie bands. To stage their own musical styles and concepts, they will be wearing outfits designed by GBA designers.


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