Long-awaited dance drama - Dragon Boat staged in Shunde​
Foshan China 2022-06-18 16:12

Dragon Boat, the first modern dance drama themed on dragon boat in China, made its premiere at Shunde Performing Arts Center.



The show is about a female coach who organize a dragon boat team to attend the international game and finally score the gold.


Let’s see what’s the story behind the stage.


In the past four years, to learn about the profound culture of this thousand-year culture, the team went to visit the museum, association, training base and inheritor of this intangible cultural heritage in Shunde, Foshan as well as Chebei and Panyu, Guangzhou.



In Shunde, crown as the hometown of dragon boat, the local is passionate about this sport. All the dancers are impressed by the hardworking athletes in Shunde Lecong Training Base.



After learning how to hold the paddle, paddle and joining the competition with athletes, they realized that dragon boat racing is more than merely a sport. It is an event that unites everyone and an embodiment of striving spirit.


The show in the third version has been greatly improved in the aspects of dancing, music, lighting, costumes and makeup. All the audience in the show is sure to be inspired and impressed.


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