Foshan and Jiashi will jointly build a 3A-level ecological Park
Foshan China 2022-06-19 17:31

On June 14, an activity has deepened the bond between Foshan and Jiashi. With the theme Witness the Happy Chinese Dream in the Jiashi", the activity organized by Foshan provided an opportunity for local people to explore a way to further promoting the development of Jiashi tourism. 



Foshan and Jiashi will jointly invest 170 million yuan to build a 3A-level urban Populus Euphratica ecological Park.  


Located in the southern edge of the Taklimakan Desert, with a dry climate and abundant sunshine, Jiashi enjoys a good climate advantage to plant Populus Euphratica. In the northwest of the county, there is a 0.7-square-kilometer Populus Euphratica ecological park. Walk in the park, you will definitely feel the vitality of the natural world. 



With a joint investment of 170 million yuan, the Populus Euphratica ecological Park is a sightseeing resort covering flower planting area, cultural display experience area, waterfront leisure entertainment area and tourism comprehensive service area, making it a unique tourist attraction in Jiashi. 


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