Hundred-year vinyls record Cantonese classics
Foshan China 2022-06-20 10:06

Listening to music with vinyl and phonograph became popular in China in 1920s. For Foshan people back then who love Cantonese Opera, they recorded music in vinyls. As those vinyls exported overseas, more and more people from Hongkong, Macao, North Americ and southeast Asia got to know this local opera and fell in love with it.


Cantonese Opera Art Museum in Foshan exhibits over 70 vinyl records, instrument, script, copies and phonographs, Some of which even date back to late Qing Dynasty. With this valuable collection, the young generation is able to get a clearer picture of this folk art.




Time: 9:00-17:20, June 1 - June 26
Location: Foshan Zumiao Temple
Ticket: please buy the ticket on the official Wechat account of “佛山市祖庙博物馆”


How to get there?
Bus: 105、117、126、128、121、134、137、101路(get off at Zumiao A);123、122、116、118、137、旅游城巴2线、旅游城巴3线 (get off at Zumiao Stop);159、106、185c (get off at Zumiao B)
Subway: Zumiao Station of Guangfo Line


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