Nanzhuang chefs underlined Watertown flavors at local contest
Foshan China 2022-06-21 10:34

Last week, the 2022 Chancheng "Cantonese Cuisine Master" Cooking Skills Competition (Preliminary at Nanzhuang Town), with a slogan of "Lingnan Taste · Foshan Taste · Enjoy in Chancheng", was kicked off in Foshan.



Boiling oil, stirring fry dishes... Overall, the contest gathered up 19 contestants that showcased their amazing cooking skills, from frying, steaming to frying. All teams got the chance to serve their most iconic dishes, with both strong aesthetic designs and outstanding flavors.



In the spirit of impartiality and openness, judges rated each dish from multiple dimensions, such as heat control, taste, ingredient matching, modeling utensils and health value. At last, there came 1 rated as top winner, 5 technical experts, and 13 awarded with excellence awards. The winner was Guo Yanlin, a chef from Dapeng Xiaoju Food Restaurant, owing to his highly rated dish named "A Wish for Auspiciousness".


Overall the event was held mainly to allow local chefs to stage their cooking talents and promote the famous Water Town Cuisine from Nanzhuang, and fundamentally, honor the Cantonese cuisine culture.


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