Sanshui welcomes visitors with fishing culture and lacquer arts
Foshan News 2022-06-22 14:42
Next month, 2022 Sanshui Fishing Festival & Baini Lacquer Art Cultural and Creative Festival will be kicked off, lasting for three days with tons of local tourism interests in store for visitors.

3-day food festival: tastes of unique flavor


During the week, Xijiang River Fresh Food Street will feature a three-day food festival. With tons of stalls selling local snacks and dishes, you are free to explore first hand local culinary culture.

Night market with antique vibe: a chance of time traveling

As of the night market, one of the selling points would be a combination of lacquer art and fishing elements. Here, you will be surrounded by lacquer wooden fish, fish paper lanterns, oil paper umbrellas, and lanterns.

Chinese-style concert: to unlock your ultimate summer

Next to Juxian Building, there will held a unique national style concert. It combines modern music with lacquer arts.