Foshan in vibrant colors this summer
Foshan China 2022-06-25 21:06

Passing the Summer solstice, Foshan is filled with different colours.




Green is one representative colour. Despite Foshan is known as the city decorated with plants, green is also referred to food in Foshan.





Bitter gourd feast, chieh-qua soup are dishes that bring the joy and freshness to your taste buds.




Summer, it is time for lotus flowers to blossom.




They are pink fairies surrounded by green guardians, which bring a sense of peace.




As Foshan is sunk into the sea of sunshine, the colour of sunlight, golden yellow is one colour that you won’t miss.





Raise your head, you will see silky clouds soaring in the sea of blue.



Blue, the colour of sky, is also the colour of energy.


What is the colour of Foshan?


Foshan is a city of rainbow, as it is filled with vast colours.


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