Sanshui Food Festival kicked off on June 24 to 26
Foshan China 2022-06-26 23:26

@Fooides, Sanshui food festival is waiting for you!


From June 24-26, “Bite of Sanshui, best in GBA”, Sanshui food festival & cooking competition have been kicked off in Sanshui Lotus World of Foshan.

Let’s see what are the spotlights of the campaign!



Cooking competition


Well-renowned and seasoned chefs from 20 restaurant in Sanshui have been invited to join the forseeably intense cooking competition. They will strive to stake a claim for Top 10 Chefs in Sanshui. Besides, Top 10 fresh-water Food in Sanshui will be voted by both professional judges and netizens.

On the spot, a new version of Map for Sanshui Food will be released.


Food street


For foodies, food street is a must-go zone on the event. 50 local exhibitors not only welcome visitors to taste their signature dishes, but send out coupons, as a way of attracting more customers.



Free shuttle Bus


From June 24-26, free admission to Sanshui Lotus World of Foshan as well as three shuttle bus have been offered, starting from Nanshan/Leping/baini to the event.


To meet the larger need for trasportition, more shifts of 631, K625 and K652 will be provided.


631: 6:30-22:00

K625: 6:30-21:00

K652: 6:30-21:00


Don’t forget to find more fun in this beautiful scenic spot!


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