Shunde Xishan Temple reopened to the public
Foshan China 2022-06-26 23:29

Xishan Temple is located at Xishan Mountain.

With over 480 years of history, it was originally built to commemorate Guangyu.



In terms of the design, it is one of palatial architectures. Palace Museum is one iconic example.


It is decorated with green tiles, representing that its repetition is only inferior to royal household.



On top of the ridges, there are various pottery sculptures that symbolise different wishes. For instance, there is a set with the God of Sun and the God of Moon. It represents that Xishan Temple will last forever, just like the sun and moon.


Additionally, the brick in Xishan Temple is believed to be the representative of south tile carving techniques.  With the special technique, under the sunlight, the surface of the bricks will reflect different colours accordingly as the time pasts.


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