Sparkling dragon boat drifting, every Friday & Saturday night at Qiandeng Lake
Foshan China 2022-06-27 14:21

Apart from drifting, Foshan has unique makeup – sparkling style.


Here comes the sparkling dragon boat at Qiandeng Lake. From 7pm – 8pm every Friday and Saturday, you will witness the excellent performance by Diejiao dragon boat teams.



In merely 500 meters lane, sparkling dragon boats perform loads of tricks, including C-shaped and S-shape drifting.


Matching with light shows in Qiandeng Lake, it creates a marvellous sight.



With over 500 years of history, dragon boat racing is one of the important traditions in Diejiao Community.


To seek for further improvement, Diejiao teams then decide to accept sparkling drifting challenges at night.


How would it be?


Check it out every Friday & Saturday night!