Sanlongwan International Talents Hub underpins top services for the past 6 months
Foshan China 2022-07-03 20:25

On June 29th, out of 393 projects, the project The benefits of Sanlongwan International Talents Hub on business environment has come to the final round of Foshan Innovation competition for district organization. It claimed the third-tier prize in the CPC innovation group.



Started from December last year, Sanlongwan International talents hub has made huge progress in merely six months. It has organized a serial of events for talent introduction, industry communication, culture integration, policy illustration etc. Additionally, it has built a connection platform for resources and provided fully integrated service to international talents.


Recently, Sanlongwan International talents hub is planning to conduct a program “Foshan enterprises visit GBA: Shenzhen stop”, which invites technological companies and leading companies to attend, aiming to share experience in industry transformation and upgrading with Shenzhen.


Establish a “one to one” talent service brand


As one famous manufacturing city, it is essential for Foshan to introduce talents and technologies in intelligent transformation, to become the ideal place for companies in GBA.


To improve Foshan’s reputation, Sanlongwan international talents hub strive to develop a platform, that specialises in providing comprehensive service and improving satisfaction.


For instance, Sanlongwan international talents hub has incorporated three functionalities in space, service, and resources, to enhance their experience and satisfaction in Foshan.


In terms of space, international talent hall of over 400 square meter is filled with “service, display, communication” areas.


Regarding service, there is a special team that provides fully integrated service to international enterprises and individuals.


About resources, Sanlongwan international talents hub has worked closely with the government departments to provide detail guidelines.


Become the iconic service brand


Since establishment, Sanlongwan international talents hub has conducted a serial of events, including May 20th Tour to Jihua Laboratory, June 11th Dragon Boat Trial, June 20th Doctor Salon etc.


To successfully provide effective and continuous service, it has strength the collaboration with departments like Jihua Laboratory, financial banks, Foshan administration department etc regarding the training and support.


Currently, there are 41 types of services directly connected to Foshan international talents service platform. 387 libraries have registered in the intelligent library.


Moreover, it collaborates with research and technology companies to improve the technology conversion. For example, it invited companies to visit Jihua Laboratory, which strengthen the communication between companies and laboratories.


Compliment on service patterns


In merely six months, Sanlongwan International talents hub have provided service for over 50 times, to over 30 leading companies. Among the clients, 40 of them are foreigners.


In providing servicing, it has helped companies solving the visa application, GHC application and foreigner registrations process etc. These achievements are highly recognized by international talents, hence, the reputation of Foshan and its government has improved.


Currently it works on forming a team of foreign volunteers, that encourages international talent to participate in public service activities. There are over 40 people registered for the first team and the team is expected to operate in August.


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