A package of policies to promote Kungfu
Foshan China 2022-07-08 09:57

A group of household names in the circle of martial art are from Foshan, like Bruce Lee, Yip Man and Wong Fei-hung. To further promote its Kung Fu culture and build up the bodies of teenagers, Foshan rolls out a package of policies.



1.By 2024, Foshan will build at least 105 municipal-level schools that provide Kung Fu class.
2.PE teachers from all the school mentioned are required to accept training.
3.All the school mentioned above should have 1 Kung Fu class per week.
4.Every school is asked to set up a Kung Fu team.
5.Competitions about Kung Fu are to held regularly.
6.By 2024, every student from primary school or high school is required to learn moves of Kungfu.



Author | Ivy
Revisor | Eleanor, Jersey
Photo | 佛山市教育局