Yunmi Technological Park sets sail in Lunjiao, Shunde
Foshan China 2022-07-19 10:41

Yunmi Technological park held the sealing ceremony. The "technology carrier"of Lunjiao, Shunde is about to set sail.

On July 16, the new headquarter of Foshan Yunmi electric technology company, Yunmi Techonological Park held an official sealing ceremony. The construction of Yunmi technological park serves as a center of company economy, Intelligent manufacturing, research and development, test field of future technology, and exhibition of intelligent settings.



Yunmi Technological Park is located at Shunde Lunjiao Street with a overall 100 thousand square meter floor area, 600 million investment, development center of intelligent and technological products, national level labs and over 50 different intelligent house appliances and intelligent housing production lines. While the park also has multifunction meeting room, immersive intelligent setting experience hall and other functional sub-areas like training and business reception area. The Park is about to come into service in the first season of 2023 and is capable to accommodate up to 3000 employees. Evaluation of production value in first year will be over 3 billion and the future production value may be above 5 billion.

The founder and CEO of Yunmi Techonology, Chen Xiaoping indicated the whole part will connect four buildings into a whole and chooses the design of aircraft carriers as a sign of departure of “new specie” Yunmi.

Chen also stated the company had achieved dramatic growth because of the thorough cluster advantage of Shunde home appliance industry, a sound industrial platform and top-quality public service. In the future, company will rely on the Technological park as a basis to further promote high-level talent development and become a technology company which may lead the trend of era and represent the meaning of future while is also able to drive innovative upgrade of surrounding industries and achieve the breakthrough development of intelligent housing industry.
The responsible person of Party Working Committee of Shunde District Lunjiao Street stated that as the pioneer of industrial transformation and upgrading, Yunmi dares to grab the opportunity of transition into digital, intelligent era and invests million on the construction project of industrial headquarter park to lead the transition and optimization of traditional house appliance industrial chain and hoists the first sail of transformation from traditional manufacturing into a more digital, intelligent form.

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