Another momentum, Honhor Semiconductor, was built in Nanhai
Foshan China 2022-07-28 16:00
On July 26th, the opening ceremony of Honhor Semiconductor Equipment (hereinafter referred as to “Honhor”) Production Base was held. This is the first project of semiconductor in Lishui town, Nanhai District. 
The total investment of this project is 2 billion, with an area of 34 thousand square meters. According to the scheme, by the fourth year after completion, the annual tax revenue will reach 130 million and output level will climb to 2 billion. Regarding the program, Honhor will build laboratory and factories that are specialized in semiconductor production, aiming to enhance the competitiveness and lower the energy usage.
Remarkably, Honhor has innovated one equipment to recycle the waste from the production process to mitigate the pollution. 
This program only takes 2 months from signing contract to construction. Additionally, it only took 6 months to complete the temporary construction and start production. 
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