Welcome to Qiandongnan State with more than 250 million tourism coupons
Foshan China 2022-07-28 17:32
On July 26, 2022 Qiandong Nanzhou Summer Tourism Promotion Meeting was held by Guizhou Qiandongnan Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio,Television and Tourism and Guangdong Bureau of Foshan Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports.The meeting used video presentation and topic recommendation to introduce 16 cities in Qiandongnan State while it also published tourism preferential policies. 

In 2021, Foshan took the baton of supporting 15 poverty counties of Qiandongnan State from Hangzhou and had sent dozens of tourism talents to collaborate with Qiandong Nanzhou. Foshan had signed a few cooperation agreements and incorporated tourism coupon into Qiandongnan traveling routes to attract more tourists and help to promote tourism and economic development of Qiandong Nanzhou.
Chang Hai stated that Foshan has devoted to helping Qiandongnan in various aspects and the two places are more like relative right now that can sincerely invite Foshan and Greater Bay Area citizens to experience unique characteristics of Qiandong Nanzhou. 
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