​30 EV charging piles installed at Foshan Wenhua Park
Foshan China 2022-08-10 10:07
This year, China Southern Power Grid (Chancheng, Foshan) has worked to install charging piles for electric vehicles in public areas in Chancheng. After a through security was done in April, the charging station at Foshan Wenhua Park has finally come into use this month.


Overall, the parking lot has been installed with 30 charging piles and a total of 42 charging guns, which are able to generate a total power of 2,400 kilowatts. Vehicles can be fully charged here in only 40 minutes.



By far, China Southern Power Grid (Chancheng, Foshan) has put in place EV charging piles in the most densely populated areas in Chancheng District, such as Smart New City, Ludao Lake, Wenhua Park, and Asian Arts Park in Chancheng District (智慧新城、绿岛湖、文华、亚艺公园).
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