5000 experts have gathered in 4th Foshan Martial Art Conference
Foshan China 2022-08-15 15:28
On August 14th, the 4th Foshan Martial Art Conference (hereinafter referred to as “the conference”) was unveiled. With online and offline mode, this conference has attracted over 100 teams, 5000 athletes from all age groups.

Since 2018, Foshan Martial Art Conference has been held for 3 years, which is the key competition to broadcast the name of Foshan, “Kung Fu City of the World”. The conference will last for 35 days, which ends on September 17th. Apart from competition of regular category, it includes additional events like Kung Fu Competition, Kung Fu exhibition etc. Meanwhile, it has created videos about mascot, imitation show to promote the conference. 
As the only city qualified as “China Kung Fu City”, Kung-Fu culture in Foshan has embraced the prosperity. There are over 50 schools, 10 thousand Kung-Fu practitioners, 300 martial art clubs. Remarkably, nearly 100 thousand citizens are Kung-Fu learners. 
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