Mooncakes shaped with lion dance? Come and try it out in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-08-17 16:50
On August 15, three unique cultural and creative moon cakes featuring Lingnan culture were officially released to the public. They are designed by Foshan Ancestral Temple and Foshan Jincheng Food Co.,Ltd., becoming the special symbols for Foshan traditional culture.

Titled as "Lion Dance Lingnan (狮舞岭南)", "Wanfu Chengxiang (万福呈祥)" and "Fuxing Gaozhao (福星高照)", the mooncakes designed into different styles are shaped with Lingnan culture elements such as Zumiao Ancestral Temple, lion dance, presenting a traditional but fashionable Foshan.  
Xiao Hongyi, Chief Designer of Guangzhou Xihuan Culture Co., Ltd. said, Foshan is the birthplace of Lingnan culture, and Ancestral Temple is a cultural landmark in Foshan. The original intention of the design is to call on young people to inherit and spread Lingnan culture. 
Author | Eleanor
Revisor | Eddie