​Foshan Metro Line 3 (Phase I) opens by the end of this year
Foshan China 2022-08-20 17:10
New progress has been announced on Foshan Metro Line 3. Being labeled as fashion, technology, vitality and comfort, what does it look like before operation? Reporter from Foshan News has taken an on-site visit to figure it out.


As a provincial key project, Foshan Metro Line 3 includes 38 stations, spanning from Shunde Port Station in the south to Foshan University Station in the north. Covering a overall length of 69.5 kilometers, it’s the main line connecting the north and south area of Foshan. Phase I of Metro Line 3 starts from Shunde Station (formerly named as Shunde College Station) in the south to Zhenan Station in the north. 




After completion, Foshan Metro Line 3 will transfer with 16 subways and connect with intercity high speed railways including Foshan-Zhaoqing Intercity Railway, Guang-fo Ring Railway, Foshan-Guangzhou-Dongguan Intercity Railway, realizing a quick access to Baiyun International Airport, Foshan West Railway Station, Guangzhou South Railway Station, etc.

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