130 kids start new school life at First Writing Ceremony in Gaoming
Foshan China 2022-08-24 15:41
On August 21st, 130 kids attended 2022 First Writing Ceremony in Santan Memorial Hall in Gaoming.

First writing ceremony is one traditional while inspirational custom dedicated to kids enter ing school soon.  The custom has also been known as one of four key events/cerem in life. It includes several procedures like attending the traditional Chinese classes, tidying attire, being given a red dot, etc. Once ready, they bowed to the Confucius to express their respect. 
Regarding the red dot on forehead, it is called “opening the wisdom eye”, representing the best wish for wisdom in life. Additionally, kids tried to use Chinese brush pens to trace the word “people”. That is to encourage them to discover the key personalities of human being.
Meanwhile, by scheduling in Santan Memorial Hall, the ceremony also reminded kids of the history. At the end of the ceremony, kids presented bouquets to show their respect towards heroes.
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