2022 South China Book Festival initiates this month
Foshan China 2022-08-23 16:12

On August 19th, the inauguration of 2022 South China Book Festival (Foshan Venue) was held. The theme of this year festival is about "Reading off New Era, Striving for Next Departure" ("阅读新时代 奋进新征程").



During the inauguration, the list of two most beautiful bookstores is released, including Zhongshuge Foshan Branch, Siyue Bookstore Sanshui Branch, Tangning Bookstore, etc.


There will be massive activities held during the festival, covering 13 categories and including 180 relevant activities. Among them, 45 are key events. The majority events start from August 19th to 28th, including a serial of lectures and forum of native writers.


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