Jiujiang Dragon boat team won medels with ethnic minorities
Foshan China 2022-08-26 10:02

On August 24, the 7th Guangdong Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Competition (Dragon Boat) (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Minority Competition") kicked off, as Foshan Dragon Boat Team, which consists of memebers from Jiujiang Town and ethnic minorities,  won 5 golds and 1 silver. The big win once again polished up the citys image as a strong cultural and sports city in the Greater Bay Area, and give a strong boost to Foshan dragon boat culture.




Guangdong Minority Competition gathered 490 athletes from 9 city teams from the Greater Bay Area. Foshan dragon boat team was formed at the end of 2021, with 48 athletes from ethnic minorities such as Miao, Yi, Manchu, Yao and Dong. They started intense training at the Jiujiang Dragon Boat Training Base in May 2022.


Foshan dragon boat team signed up for the 100-meter and 500-meter straight races of 22 men, women, and mixed teams (6), and 12 men dragon boats. There are 9 events in total for the 200-meter straight race (3) for the group, the womens group, and the mixed group.



There will be a number of competitions coming next such as the 200-meter dragon boat. The dragon boat players are expected to take home more trophies.

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