Junan steamed pig: the taste of reunion
Foshan China 2022-09-01 14:49
With tons of amazing tastes in Shunde, it has been rated as the "City of Gastronomy". Locally, people in Junan would love to steam the whole pig in a pot. Years after years, the dish has become a staple in local feast, as crowned as "the Royal" of Shunde delicacies.
Chefs would normally use a 50kg pig. They slaughter and wash it, and then remove all the bones, before smearing it with rice wine. It helps remove fishy smell. Next, chefs sprinkle the pork with more than ten kinds of seasonings, such as five-spice powder, sand ginger powder and refined salt. Last, soak the ingredient for 6 hours.
Afterwards, the whole pig will be put in an steam pot for 35 minutes. The high-temperature steam makes the whole pig more plump and round. Then the chefs use ice water to cool down to make the pig skin more refreshing. Finally, return to the oven and steam for 20 minutes to make the steamed pig fully cooked and soft.

The pig, freshly steamed, will then be sprinkled with sesame and sesame oil, and cut into pieces while it is still hot. Junan steamed pig has crisp skin and tender texture, with soft and glutinous flavor. It has fat but not is greasy. For more than 100 years, it represents the tastes of wealth and reunion.
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