Explore unique bookstores in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-09-01 16:13
2022 South China Book Festival ended while the habit of reading prevails still. Here are some unique bookstores in Foshan. 
Sensing Bookstore
Located in Chancheng District, Sensing Bookstore, with over twenty years of history, is decorated with greenery and black bricks. 
“Bookstore with ginkgo leaves” is the symbol of Sensing Bookstore. Behind it, there is one touching story. During a trip, the owner Mr. Stone met one old grandpa that was a fan of adventure while he was too old to travel. He then came up with an idea of bringing all the scenes back to the bookstore. Therefore, when autumn comes, he would bring the ginkgo leaves from Guangxi to his bookstore, reminding people the natural view in Guangxi. 
Kaka Castle
Kaka Castle is one comprehensive bookstore, including areas for reading, cafeteria, floriculture, camping, etc. 
Stated by Chen Jiahao, the founder, who aims to spread the culture within the books. For instance, he will put some relevant plants in the area for plantation books, which creates a reading environment with physical experience. 
Shang Shu Ge

Shang Shu Ge is served as a community bookstore. With a reserve of 50 thousand books covering multiple categories like international masterwork, management, etc, it is capable of fulfilling the demand from various readers in nearby communities. Additionally, it works closely with other entities to initiate events like culture salon, art show, etc. Every Saturday morning, there will be one shared reading class provided to teenagers. Professional teachers will help kids aged from 3-5 read picture books to build their reading habits.
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