Over 13 thousand square meters in Zumiao CBD went out for sale
Foshan China 2022-09-02 17:48
On August 31st, Zumiao Sub-district in Chancheng held a conference to introduce the upgrading of old communities and announce several lands for sale. 

In 2021, the gross value of production in Zumiao Sub-district has exceeded 70 billion, contributing nearly 6% of total production value in Foshan. Hence, the land in Zumiao subdistrict is the hot spot that real estate agents are actively tracking. 
During the conference, there are four pieces of lands out for sale, in total of over 13 thousand square meters. Those are the latest achievement of old community upgrading in Zumiao Sub-district. 
Remarkably, one upgrading project in Wenhua Park Innovation Zone, is located in the gathering area of modern insurance industries. Once completion, it will aim to strengthen the insurance and finance industries in nearby area, hence, better support the regional economic development. 
Author | Eddie
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