FS tightens community-based Covid-19 measures
The Office of Foshan Covid-19 Prevention and Cont 2022-09-05 11:08
Notice on Strengthening Community-based COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures across Foshan

In light of the current situation of the pandemic, we hereby announce the following measures to strengthen community-based prevention and control to protect people’s health:
1.A 24-hour negative PCR test result is required for any admission to entertainment venues (karaoke, KTV), beauty and hair salons, bath centers (foot bath centers, massage spas), chess and card rooms (mahjong parlor), Internet cafés, bars, gyms, indoor swimming pools, game rooms, venues for script murder game and escape room game, and other enclosed and poorly ventilated places.
2.A 48-hour negative PCR test result is required for any admission to theaters, cinemas, gyms, amusement parks, outdoor swimming pools, indoor areas at any scenic spot, etc.
3.Visitors are required to scan the venue code, show their health codes and travel codes when entering hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation venues (those coming or returning from outside Foshan should take two nucleic acid tests on the first and third day respectively). Relevant prevention and control measures are required for holding gathering activities in hotels.
4.COVID-19 management must be strictly strengthened in all public places, villages (communities), residential areas, office buildings, factories and enterprises. All those who enter the above places must wear a mask, take body temperature, scan the venue code and show their health codes and travel codes. A 72-hour negative PCR test result or a sampling proof is required for those engaged in food delivery, express delivery, housekeeping, decoration, maintenance, loading, unloading and handling.
5.All public places are required to receive visitors no more than 75% of their maximum capacity under the principle of “reserved, staggered and limited admission”. Personnel in key institutions or with infection risks at work must take nucleic acid tests as required without leaving anyone unattended.
6. Only necessary activities can be held. Large-scale conferences, trainings, shows, job fairs, exhibitions and other gathering activities should be strictly restricted. Whoever organizes or approves those necessary activities should bear primary responsibility in epidemic prevention and control. All concerned parties should earnestly perform their duties. The number of attendees should be strictly controlled, with COVID-19 prevention and control work plans, emergency plans and necessary prevention and control measures in place.
7. All citizens should abide by COVID-19 prevention and control regulations, pay close attention to COVID-19-related information, stick to good hygiene habits, monitor their health and do not travel to cities with high, medium and low risks of infection unless necessary.
The above measures will take effect on September 4 and will be adjusted from time to time if necessary. All areas, departments, units and individuals should fulfill their responsibilities and abide by municipal, provincial and national COVID-19 prevention and control regulations. Those who violate any regulations and cause transmission will be held accountable according to law.
The Office of Foshan Covid-19
Prevention and Control Headquarters
September 3, 2022