Sweet and glutinous! Sweet potatoes in Zaogang Lishui go on sale in the market!
Foshan China 2022-09-06 17:30
Sweet potatoes in Zaogang Lishui

Most of the sweet potatoes in Zaogang belong to "double skin" variety. With double skin of purple and red color, the middle of the sweet potato has a "flower heart". After being cooked thoroughly, it tastes sweet and glutinous. The great taste and aroma of it can be savored for a long time.
What makes the sweet potatoes in Zaogang Lishui so special? Here is to tell you! With a semi-hilly landform, the soil environment is unique with "20% of sand and 80% of soil", which creates a favorable condition to breed sweet potatoes. 
"Fragrant, sweet, glutinous, it tastes like chestnuts, but it is sweeter and has its own fragrance. Many old customers order a large number of sweet potatoes and send them to their families and friends." Aunt Yuan, a villager in Zaogang, has planted more than 2000 square meters of sweet potatoes this year. Since the harvest in mid-October, tons of vistors has come to order.
According to Yuan, a sweet potato with a fat middle and pointed ends are more lokely to have a sweet taste. And for those who prefer glutinous taste should choose the round ones. 

Guidelines for digging

Address: Heshun Zaogang Village.
You can arrive the village via Jinfeng Road, after the turning at Meijing Bridge(美景大桥). Walking along the path, you can then see a sweet potato field at the foot of Jiulong Mountain (九龙山).
Average price is about 5.5-7 yuan/half a kilo, which is subject to actual transaction. Domestic postage is accepted, the courier fee is paid by customer.
Contact information
Mr. Yuan 13674009257
Miss. Yuan 15818034440
Miss. Yuan  15914593635
Mr. Hanghui  18988693251
Mr. Chen 13679779383