Hundred-year-old German brand settled in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-09-07 09:31

On September 2nd, Stiegelmeyer Group (Foshan) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Stigelmeyer”) has settled down in the intelligent robot manufacturing city of Haichuang Dazu (hereinafter referred to as “Dazu”).



As another oversea manufacturing base, Stigelmeyer (Foshan) has carried on a strategic mission to stimulate the development of the main branch. It plan to partner up with Dazu by utilizing resources and hence providing quality services to industries like medical care.



Additionally, it plans to build one complete production line in 2-3 years, aiming to achieve an annual production of 50 thousand medical beds. According to its blueprint, it will build more manufacturing bases in China and seek opportunities in the market of Southeast Asia. Stated by Shi Youheng, the General Manager of Stigelmeyer, he was deeply impressed by the principle, design and facilities of Dazu, which encouraging them to make this decision. 



Commented by Zhangbin, Vice Chairman of the Municipal Peoples Political Consultative Conference, Foshan will give a warm welcome to international companies that settled down in Foshan. Currently, Foshan has made great effort in promoting the digital and intelligent manufacturing, constructing comprehensive service platform Action Plan for Favourable Enterprise Service & Best Business Environment. As one of six key platforms in Guangdong, Sino-German Industrial Services Zone has worked tightly with European companies and built one international collaboration pattern. Foshan will consistently provide services to European companies and stimulate their developments.


As the first German Manufacturing agglomeration demonstration and incubator accelerator base, Dazu will strive to construct one compressive platform covering multiple areas like technology, talent, fund, market, and management. The relevant representative of Dazu believed that they will team up with Sino-German Industrial Services Zone in promoting the name of German manufacturing center, and eventually become the demonstration zone of German investment.


Commented by the relevant representative of Sino-German Industrial Services Zone, robot is the leading industry in Sanlongwan and Dazu is a relevant manufacturing demonstration city with complete facilities. After the settlement of Stigelmeyer in the location, Sanlongwan community will consistently utilize resource and provide services to German companies.


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