Night market: life full of colors in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-09-07 09:43

Lights sparking up the streets, breeze touching the surface of a rivers... Whenever the night falls, night markets in Foshan becomes a place of local celebration that presents all beautiful aspects of the city. There are choices of delicacy, art and culture in all 5 districts.


Jiujiang Town, Nanhai


Bustling night market alongside a river bank. (Photo by Li Xinyan)


Hecheng, Gaoming


Under beautiful sunset in the glowy sky, car trunks become a hot spot for tourists. (Photo by Li Huiqing)


Guicheng, Nanhai


Vanke Plaza brings out a youthful vibe with a festive market. (Photo by Wan Guangxuan)


Xinan, Sanshui


On the Beijiang Riverbank, people just chatter away after supper, enjoying highlights on the night market. (Photo by Huang Xiaohua)


Ancestral Temple, Chancheng


Tucked away in the in Zhaoxiang Park is the vibrancy and vitality of a night market that gathers shopping and light arts. (Photo by Huo Lizhen)


Lecong, Shunde


A sea of flower blossoms shows up at Century Lotus Stadium. (Photo by Deng Xueying)


Shiwan, Chancheng


Ceramics elements are all over at Creative Industrial Park. (Photo by Ou Jinwei)


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