The 26th National Exhibition of Inventions scheduled in FS this November
Foshan China 2022-09-15 10:37
On September 13th, the press conference of the 26th National Exhibition of Inventions was held in Beijing and Foshan, with both online and offline channels. The exhibition will be held in Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (hereinafter referred as “GICEC”), from November 26th to November 28th. 
With the theme of “Innovation leads the future”, the exhibition has two unique display zones for innovations, and 7 themed exhibition areas, including national defense patent, innovation of teenagers, the Great Bay Area, etc. Additionally, there will be various activities like forum about patent rights and innovation competition in which rewards will be given to excellent inventions.
By setting two unique display zones for the innovation of unicorn companies and carbon neutrality, the exhibition aims to promote the leading role of unicorn companies in economic development, and further encourage others to conduct reformation, eventually achieving zero carbon emission. 
Moreover, 7 international competition projects related to reusable energy and new energy will be held during the exhibition. To establish a communication platform and better stimulate the talent cultivation, the Belt and Road Initiative and BRICS Seminar on Skills Development and Technological Innovation will be held.
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