6 companies from Sanshui rated as model digital factory
Foshan China 2022-09-16 14:18

On September 13th, Foshan Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has revealed the annual list of "Digital and Intelligent Demonstration Factories", among which 6 companies are located in Sanshui District. Three of them were rated as second-level, and three as third-level.


Workshop at Siglen Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.


The brands on the list will add up to 73 million yuan in subsidies and rewards, showcasing technological advance in sectors like non-metallic mineral products, general equipment manufacturing, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing, and food manufacturing.


Sanshui enterprises listed as (Digital and Intelligent Demonstration Factories, Ⅱ) include:
·佛山科勒有限公司 Foshan Kohler Co., Ltd. 

·佛山市恒力泰机械有限公司 Foshan Henglitai Machinery Co., Ltd.

·广东兴发精密制造有限公司 Guangdong Xingfa Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Sanshui enterprises listed as (Digital and Intelligent Demonstration Factories, Ⅲ) include:
·佛山市三水新明珠建陶工业有限公司  Foshan Sanshui Xinmingzhu Jiantao Industry Co., Ltd.

·广东健力宝股份有限公司  Guangdong Jianlibao Co., Ltd.

·辛格林电梯(中国)有限公司 Siglen Elevator (China) Co., Ltd.


Workshop at Foshan Kohler Co., Ltd. 


As Sanshui continues to increase input in digital economy, it will look to apply technologies powered by digital intelligence in different fields. Between Internet service providers and universities, Sanshui has been aware that a close partnership must be built to cultivate a young generation of digital talents. Built on the industrial foundation that Sanshui is most proud of, Sanshui will pilot its key signature industrial clusters, taking digital intelligence to a whole different level.


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