300-year-old stage witnesses development of Cantonese opera
Foshan China 2022-09-21 15:20

With a history of 300 years, the stage Wanfutai in Foshan has witnessed the rise and fall of Cantonese opera. Originally named Huafengtai, it was built in 1658 in Zumiao Temple and renamed Wanfutai in 1685. It is the most complete ancient stage left in Guangdong Province.



Wanfutai palys an important role in the history of Cantonese opera. In the old days, the troupe was formed once a year and the new lineup would premiere locally before traveling to various places by red boat. This “premiere” was sure to be held at Wanfutai.



Wanfutai has a long history of Cantonese charm. Cantonese opera was still performed at the stage until 1949. However, as time went by, a large number of ancient stages have disappeared. Even Wanfutai no longer has the sound of gongs and drums.


But the ancient Wanfutai is still silently standing by. In 2001, when it was reopened, all the dust and shadows were stirred up as the gongs and drums resounded, and all the performers made their appearance on the stage.


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