SLC Therapeutics empowers biomedical industry in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-09-22 15:03

Recently, the launching ceremony of membrane protein project of Foshan Wozhen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Bio-Advanced Technology Forum was held in Foshan National Torch Innovation Pioneering Park (North Park). The project will empower the biomedical innovation of the surrounding research institutes, universities and enterprises, and boost the high-quality development of Foshan biomedical industry.



This year, the biomedical and health sector is a strategic emerging industry that Foshan focuses on. Wozhen Bios unique positioning, professional advantages and extensive business connections in the field of structural biology of membrane proteins meet the national expectations for specialized and new enterprises.



As a member of the Foshan biomedical public service platform, Wozhen Bio is a company that has mastered the technology of “3D atomic structure determination of multiple transmembrane proteins and structure-based drug development”. In addition to its own drug research and development, it will also provide neighboring research institutes, universities and enterprises with technical services such as antigen preparation of multiple transmembrane proteins, X-ray/ cryo-electron microscopy 3D atomic structure analysis, structure-based rational drug design and functional cell line drug screening to empower the biomedical innovation development of these institutions.


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