Foshan: more children-friendly on its way
Foshan China 2022-09-22 15:06

This year, Guicheng has two more popular spots for parents and children to hang out— AI Park and Children’s Park. Unlike other parks, these two are truly children-friendly places, which take into account the needs of children of different ages in terms of settings and facilities of activity venues.



The attitude towards children reflects the civilization of a city. According to the seventh national census, 15.11% of Foshan’s population is 14 years old and below. It is a duty of a modern civilized city to make these flowers bloom. The construction of a children-friendly city is written in the city’s report.


When it comes to “children-friendly”, it is a matter of perspective. If we look things from “one meter height”, that is, children’s perspective, we will find that most of the public facilities and services in the city today intentionally or unintentionally ignore the needs of children.


Foshan is implementing policies reflecting the children-friendly idea. For example, the parenting cost reduction project is to develop welfare child care that benefits all, alleviating the concerns of young people who have no one to help take care of their children. In this way, more families can afford to give birth to children and raise them. The basic education upgrading project proposes to continue to increase investment in education and implement the “double reduction” policy so that every child can enjoy a fair and quality education.


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