39 newly established national invisible champion in manufacturing industry in Nanhai
Foshan China 2022-09-23 11:11
On September 20th, the ceremony of Nanhai national invisible champion in manufacturing industry (hereinafter referred to as “invisible champion”) was held. During the meeting, 39 companies have been selected as the third group of national invisible champion. 
In the past 6 months, there have been multiple procedures undertaken, including application, field research, expert assessment, public disclosure, etc. Apart from 39 companies selected, there are additional 48 companies recognized as potential invisible champions. Additionally, 105 companies have completed the re-evaluation process in the application of the first/second group of invisible champions. 
Like the first and second group, the third group of invisible champions are selected from the subdivision of manufacturing industry, with outstanding performance like market share and sales volume. One of their performance figures must be at least national top three, meaning that they are influential in national, or even the global industry chain. Additionally, they are the leading companies in innovation against the Covid-19 outbreak. 
Nowadays, there are 144 companies recognized as invisible champions. Remarkably, the first and second group of invisible champions has achieved 25% increase in total production value in 2021. The third group has made 48% increase in overall revenues. 
Author | Eddie
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