Production base of home automation landed in Yundonghai Sanshui
Foshan China 2022-09-27 15:07
On September 24, a foundation ceremony of the 400-million-yuan industrial project by Kehui Zhichuang was held at Yundonghai Intelligent Manufacturing Valley (Dalangwo Zhizao Industrial Park) in Sanshui, Foshan. To be completed in early 2024, the project aims to develop into a major production base of home automation devices in Foshan. 
The mastermind behind the blueprint, measured about 67,000 square meters, is Guangdong Raex Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, which has invested over 400 million yuan. The complex, in addition to a headquarter building, also consists of a R&D and a production base for mart home motor and electronic control system, as well as a display center of the latest home automation products. Those include Internet of Things products, Wi-Fi-powered curtain motor gateways, bus motor controllers, retractable electric rails and so on. 
When the project settles, Yundonghai Sanshui will become more empowered to upgrade its industrial layout and breed an strong industrial cluster of electronic information.
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