Relax in 10 vacation rentals in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-10-02 10:06

Taohuayuan Premium House


It is the first motor premium vacation rental where cars can go directly into the garage. The new children’s room is a hot one for parents and kids. You can enjoy SPA, massage bathtub, KTV, mahjong all in one house.



Heshun Commune


Originally a cement plant, this vacation rental is designed in an industrial style, showing the charm of old times.



Forest Starry House


You can be bathed in the forest of Nan Dan Mountain. At night you can see beautiful starry sky here.



Riverside Cottage


With a simple design, the cottage is built beside the river. You can sit idly in front of the door, watching fish swimming in the clear creek.



Aizhu House


It is the first vacation rental with the theme of dragon boats. Oars, ink paintings, ceramics and other decorations are dotted with modern simplistic design.



Enshan·Haishou Ark


This vacation rental is combined with the style of ins and the culture of a local fishing village.



Shanying Yunju House


You can live in a quaint house and eat delicious food from Gaoming here.



Simple House Outside the City


There is a fish pond and a country road in front of the house which is dotted with wooden boats and greenery.



Yuehui Yanyuan House


It is hidden in a quaint village where you can have a boat trip on the lake and appreciate the beauty of Lingnan gardens.



Mountain House Hidden in Clouds


It is located at the turning corner of a mountain. Floor-to-ceiling glass seamlessly connects the interior with the view from outside the window.



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