HOME, a love beyond expression | My Foshan Story②
Foshan China 2022-10-09 14:32
In the harvest season in October, Foshan Media Group and Foshan News Network launched a special series of micro stories. Based on 10 real cases of Foshan focusing on high-quality development, reform and opening up, rural revitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship etc., the stories have witnessed a revolution for Foshans new development philosophy.

HOME tells a story of one youth, Xin, returning to his beloved hometown as a village officer, after leaving behind his rising business. In a town named Jinan Village, infamous for its rusty and chaotic environment, Xin just had this heartfelt goal to make things right as he serves. 
His good intention, however, just met with strong pushback and doubt from the villagers, not to mention again that his family stepped in the way of his efforts. How is he going to weigh everything? Will he even flinch? What are the stories there behind to tell? How did he make it all through? How did he make Jinan unite again as a family?
Based on the true story in Foshan, the second episode reflects the development of one village in the past ten years. Villagers have been strongly involved in the filming, to show the gratitude and love towards their hometown.
Author | Eddie
Revisor | May, Jersey