Nanguo West Tunnel opens in Shunde
Foshan China 2022-10-10 11:06

On October 8, the upgrading project of Nanguo Road (Phase II)  (formerly on G105 National Highway) saw new substantial progress, as the main tunnel has now opened to traffic. That marks a major difference for nearby residents for greater connectivity within the region.



Nanguo Road is an intergal part of Shunde road network, as characterized by "four horizontals and six verticals". It links to Jiangmen in the west and Shunfan Highway in the east, and passes through Daliang, Liliu, Xingtan and other towns on the way. Since 2019 on the Nanguo Road, six intersections in Daliang and Xingtan have undergone renovation, mainly by building overpasses or underpasses.


Liu, who lives in Daliang and works in Fuan Industrial Park in in Leliu, felt excited for this opening. He said, once the tunnel now works, he will be able to save 10 minutes on his every drive.


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