Sanlongwan Sci&tech City: to build green road for talents
Foshan China 2022-10-12 15:24
Settled in Foshan Sanlongwan Sci&tech City, the industrial connectivity headquarter of the social media platform JOYY has two high buildings of 153 meters and 108 meters connected by a sky landscape corridor of 96 meters high. After completion, it is planned to attract about 8,000 technical talents and set an example for the digital economy industry. 
Sanlongwan Sci&tech City is building the first talent-themed green road gathering some important city spots like Baichuan Square and Technology Classroom. With four themed tours as attracting talents, fostering talents, utilizing talents and becoming talents, the City is providing an ideal environment for talents to live and work.
Sanlongwan is special when we look through the past ten years’ development of Foshan for it is the only innovative highland entitled “Sci&tech City” by Foshan Municipal Party Committee and Foshan government. Sanlongwan’s future will have much to be expected.
Cultivate strategic emerging industrial clusters
In August this year, Foshan Party Committee and Foshan government released a notice on supporting Foshan to accelerate high-quality development and build an innovative highland of manufacturing industry in the new era. It proposed to support the construction of Sanlongwan Sci&tech City and build an innovative area at the west bank of the Pearl River estuary, which pointed out the important mission of Sanlongwan.
Sanlongwan does have such potential. As the most important scientific research platform in Sanlongwan Sci&tech City and one of the first 4 provincial laboratories in Guangdong Province, Jihua Laboratory has made significant achievements in the fields of robotics, semiconductor technology and equipment.
At present, Sanlongwan Sci&tech City has 2 headquarters of world top 500 enterprises, 1 provincial laboratory, 6 provincial key laboratories, 83 provincial engineering technology research centers, 10 incubators, 7 makerspaces, 23 listed companies and over 300 high-tech enterprises.
Such huge innovative resources are forming “fusion”, creating greater value and playing a leading role in cultivating first-class industrial clusters.
Intelligent manufacturing industry is an example. The intelligent manufacturing base of Midea Kuka in Sanlongwan Sci&tech City sends hundreds of industrial robots to various places at home and abroad every day. Since 2018, the base has invested nearly 600 million yuan in innovation and research in the past four years, and has become the largest robot body production base in South China. In 2021, the base produced 18,000 industrial robots, accounting for about 1/20 of the country. After the second phase of production, the annual production capacity is expected to exceed 80,000 units.
Create a high-end city lay-out
A city develops with its industries. A high-end city lay-out and beautiful ecological environment play an important role in gathering resources and supporting industrial development. Sanlongwan Sci&tech City is putting a lot of efforts to create a high-end city lay-out.
In recent years, Sanlongwan Sci&tech City has carried out specialized studies focusing on water management. A total of 38 research projects have been carried out to form a unified planning and positioning and unified construction standards.
On the ground, multi-level cross-city road construction accelerates. The road network covering Chancheng, Nanhai and Shunde Districts is gradually formed. Under the ground, a comprehensive pipeline corridor of 25 kilometers is completed and 8 kilometers is under construction.
To create a green and livable urban environment, Sanlongwan Sci&tech City insists on the idea of “half city and half green”. Taking advantage of dense river networks, well-managed water system and other ecological resources, the City is to build a 60-kilometer green road. Meanwhile, Foshan Park, New City Riverfront Landscape Zone, Sanshan Forest Park, High Speed Railway Park and other special parks have been built.
The first-class urban planning and construction quality is gathering more resources from the Greater Bay Area for Sanlongwan Sci&tech City, and it has also become a new sample for Foshan to build a high-quality modern city.
Create a hub attracting talents
Talent is an important resource. The development of Sanlongwan Sci&tech City is closely related to talents. In recent years, the City has continued to promote infrastructure construction and provide a livable and comfortable living environment, attracting talents who come from near and far.
In Wenhan Lake Science and Innovation Town, the City has released a map of talent facilities covering industrial carrier space for innovation and entrepreneurship like Jihua Lab, exchange and interaction space for talents like Wenhan Lake Youth Friendship Space, and health and leisure space for fitness and exercise like Blue Sky Runway. The green road constructed here is the first talent-themed road in China.
At the end of last year, the 400-square-meter Foshan International Talents Hub (Sanlongwan) was opened. In order to provide “one-stop” service to Sanlongwan Sci&tech City and Foshan foreign-funded enterprises and foreign talents, the Hub is equipped with a professional team that speaks foreign languages and knows business, as well as intelligent consulting service equipment.
Achievements in data

•Sanlongwan Sci&tech City has 2 headquarters of world top 500 enterprises, 1 provincial laboratory (Jihua Laboratory), 6 provincial key laboratories, 83 provincial engineering and technology research centers, 10 incubators, 7 makerspaces, 23 listed companies, and over 300 high-tech enterprises.
•Since its establishment, more than 50 industrial projects have been signed and settled with a total planned investment of 63.26 billion yuan. Among them, there are 23 major projects over 1 billion yuan.
•At present, Jihua Lab has introduced and formed 55 scientific research teams with a total of 1,412 people, including 1,022 fixed personnel which include one full-time academician, 14 double-appointed academicians, 38 leading talents, and 219 senior titles. A team of talents with academician experts as the core, high-end leading talents as the backbone and young scientists as the mainstay has been formed.