Another Midea factory join Global Lighthouse Network
Foshan China 2022-10-13 10:25

On October 11, the World Economic Forum released 11 new factory members of its global lighthouse network, among which the Midea Shunde factory was selected. Previously, Midea Group’s household air-conditioning factory in Guangzhou, microwave factory in Shunde, washing machine factory in Hefei and refrigerator factory in Jingzhou were selected as lighthouse factories. Shunde factory is the fifth digital intelligence factory of Midea to be awarded the honor.



The Global Lighthouse Network is a community of production sites and value chains which are leaders in the adoption and integration of cutting-edge technologies of the fourth industrial revolution.

Midea Shunde factory is the worlds largest dishwasher production base, with an annual output of 6 million units and its products are sold to 145 countries and regions. The factory promotes green and sustainable upgrading and transformation with the idea of “green products, green procurement, green manufacturing, green logistics, green recycling and green service”. It is expected to achieve carbon peak in 2028 and carbon neutrality in 2050.


According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the factory has applied artificial intelligence, digital twins and other Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in the “end-to-end” value chain to meet the need to deliver high-quality products within shorter lead times, resulting in a 24% reduction in unit production costs, 41% reduction in lead times, 30% reduction in development time and 51% reduction in defect rates.


Two factors lead to Midea Shunde factory’s leapfrog development. On the one hand, the R&D end of the company has been committed to scientific and technological innovation. It has established two R&D centers at home and abroad respectively. On the other hand, the manufacturing end of the company promotes the transformation of intelligent manufacturing.


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