Sangyuanwei went viral abroad
Foshan China 2022-10-12 10:13
The Pearl River Delta is the most developed and densely populated region in China. There is an important support behind its prosperity - the large basic irrigation conservancy project Sangyuanwei. For more than 900 years, the people at the Pearl River Delta have used their wisdom to turn floods into water resources and mudflats into fertile land with the help of it.
As the largest basic irrigation conservancy project in ancient China, Sangyuanwei was constructed 900 years ago. Since its completion, it has been providing support of flood control and drainage, irrigation and water supply, and water transportation for the Pearl River Delta region.
In history, more than 200,000 mu of farmland were irrigated by Sangyuanwei, and now 62,000 mu are irrigated. In addition to the cultivation of rice and other grain, Sangyuanwei has also given birth to a unique agricultural ecosystem in the Pearl River Delta region. Local villagers build an embankment and dig a pond within the enclosure, where mulberry leaves are used to feed silkworms, silkworm sand are used to feed fish, and pond mud is to fertilize mulberry trees, forming a virtuous cycle of efficient artificial ecosystem.
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