Nanhai Bay to empower west coast of Xijiang River
Foshan China 2022-10-14 10:10
Nanhai Bay, a bay that activates the imagination of Lingnan culture and tourism, is also a ship that carries the west coast towards common prosperity. It will burst out with new vitality of culture and tourism and grassroots governance.
The west coast area of Xiqiao Town is located at the west bank of the Xijiang River, and Nanhai Bay is in this area. Nanhai Bay boasts rich resources, superior location and convenient transportation with Foshan Metro Line 2 Phase II and the Guangzhou-Foshan Circular Intercity Railway.
On October 12, Xiqiao Town released the “Nanhai Bay Development Strategic Plan”. On-site revitalization support from districts and towns, innovation of governance mechanism, beneficial cultural and tourism consumption, development projects of culture and tourism were launched to empower the construction of a vibrant new west coast.
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