First bite of preserved duck in autumn
Foshan China 2022-10-20 09:44

On October 13, preserved duck, a local dish in Baini Town of Sanshui that Tanka people have passed down for centuries, hit the market. The classic taste is now available at a local farm, Fuxinglong, located along the legendary Xijiang River.




As you walk into Fuxinglong Village, you will see patches after patches of drying fields, in which rows of bacon and baskets of preserved ducks are drying in the sun, permeating the autumn breeze with their inviting smell.


Li Guiying is the sixth group of intangible cultural heritage inheritors in Sanshui District of preserved duck mastery. In 2008, she and her husband set up the Fuxinglong village in Baini Town, where preserved duck has always been the specialty of the restaurant.


The preserved duck is made up of duck intestines, wings, chins and bacon. The first step is pickling it: add some salt, sugar, sauce and liquor into the ingredients, then mix them and they will become flavor some after several hours.

After pickling, the ingredients should first be exposed to strong sunshine for 4 days and then go through a second processing of bundling up the other ingredients with duck intestines. After another one to two days of drying in the sun, the fats of various ingredients will blend with each other.

Its easy to cook preserved duck. It can be steamed and boiled with rice and the fats of bacon will blend into the rice. Salty preserved duck and sweet rice will impress you a lot. It will have a different taste when cooked with dried vegetables or minced ginger.

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