German med scientist sets goal in China | New Era in China①
Foshan China 2022-10-16 18:11

This October, "New Era in China", a new series produced by Foshan News Network, will cover different stories of foreigners that live and work in Foshan. They come from Russia, Germany, Morocco, and Armenia. Though they might come from various countries in the world, they all bear witness to the changes that have taken place over the past ten years in China. 

On this episode, Dr. Johannes Nippgen from Germany, who works as a med scientist with strong expertise in anti-cancer drugs, has come a long way in China - firstly Beijing and then Shanghai. This March, he joined a biomedical research company in Foshan, opening up a new chapter of his already glorified scientific exploration. How has his journey been, step by step, in China over the years? Let us hear him out.

Author: Jersey

Revisor: Eddie, Eleanor, May