Places to have fun at night in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-10-25 14:55


Lingnan Tiandi combines history and modern vitality together. When the night falls and lights are bright, the ancient historical architectures are activated, telling the stories of Foshan.(Photo by Lingnan Tiandi) 



Foshan Creative Industry Park brings forward the idea of "25-hour-city". Restaurants, bars and shopping malls can all be found here.(Photo by Foshan Creative Industrial Park)



Florentia Village is the first large-scale high-end discount shopping center in South China with an Italian style. Here, you can taste exotic food while wandering around the streets. 



OCT Harbour Plus covers commercial blocks, theme parks, cultural experiences and ecological wetlands. There are more than 100 catering businesses in the park, which is the best choice for tourists to taste delicacies of Shunde. (OCT Harbour Plus/Zheng Weifeng)



Qiandenghu Park Peoples Square broadcasts "Nanhai Tide", displaying the historical heritage of the city.(Photo by Song Zitan, Foshan Daily)



Sanlongwan Cruise, the first Lingnan cultural themed cruise in the country, passes by many night landmarks such as Century Lotus Sports Center, Fangta, Xinbao Square and so on. (Sanlongwan Cruise/Liangbin)


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