Country-old peppery taste from Dan Family in Nanhai
Foshan China 2022-10-25 15:08

Its the hot pot season of the year! In Longjiang, Shunde, the most special way to enjoy hot pot is to add a little piece of chili paste to the soy sauce dish, which is a unique flavor in the Pearl River Delta region.



A-hundred-year history: peppery taste from Dan Family


Dan Family homemade chili paste from Longjiang Zuotan Village is an essential condiment for Longjiang people. They think that the handmade one is the best. With the passage of time, less and less people know the traditional handmade method, but more and more people fall in love with the taste.



The traditional handmade method is to first mix together chili, salt black beans, garlic and vegetable oil, then chip it up and stir it well, knead them into pieces and put them on a basket to dry out. Chili paste can be added to steam pork rids or steam sea eel to increase appetite.


Spicy but fresh: the unique flavour of Wujiang sauce


Different from the strong taste of Sichuan cuisine and Hunan cuisine, Shunde cuisine not only keeps the freshness of the ingredients, but also shakes up your taste buds. Wujiang sauce is a distinct sauce made by Shunde people that combines freshness and spicy taste.


Wujiang sauce, also known as Longjiang Wujiang sauce, is a kind of traditional Shunde sauce made from soybean, chili and garlic. The ingredients of the sauce bring out the freshness of the food, creating a distinctive taste.



Wujing sauce, which can be used in braising, boiling and steaming, is an all-purpose sauce for Longjiang people.


For now, Wujiang sauce is more a witness to the history of the mulberry fish pond than a secret recipe left by our ancestors. It passes down from generation to generation, occupying an unshakable position in Foshan Longjiang peoples heart.


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