Art in Autumn: exciting exhibitions to catch in Foshan
Foshan China 2022-10-26 14:38
Entering this October, major art galleries in Foshan have brought some exciting exhibitions. Here are the most recommended newly exhibited artworks around the city. Lets have a look.
Four Seasons Art Collection: Exhibition of works by Chinese calligraphy and painting artists
Date: to November 13, 2022 
Location: Four Seasons Art Collection, Chancheng District, Foshan
As a special gallery show to follow the glorious progression of the Chinese civilization, it reflects peoples lives and emotions over urbanization, through large landscape paintings and themed creations. Paintings of floral emblem of 34 provinces in China depicts artists enthusiasm for the motherland and the Party. Also on display are rarities of Chinese Tuanshan, recreating the fusion between literature and the times.
Foshan Grand Theatre: Contemporary Ceramics Arts Invitational Exhibition of Foshan and Ceramics Arts Creative Workshop
Date: 28 October 2022 - 5 January 2023 
Location: Huakang Avenue No.1, Shunde District, Foshan
Organized by Foshan Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio and Television, and Tourism, and hosted by Art Creation Institute, Sculpture Institute and Arts and Crafts Research Institute, a total of 51 pieces (sets) of ceramics art works from 51 artists will go on display. There are three chapters --"Inheritance and Innovation", "Form and Contemporary" and "Crossover and Fusion", presenting temperature of the times, the arts and the emotions. Through multiple ways like ceramics arts exhibition, on-site creation, interacting and multimedia communication, the exhibition enables people to enjoy a visual and creative experience of contemporary ceramic art. 
Huang Lian Artists Villiage: An Exhibit of Lu Yushun
Date: 28 October - 25 November 2022 
Location: Leliu Town, Shunde District, Foshan
The exhibition will feature 43 artworks from the "Spiritual Home" series created by Lu Yusun, the President of China National Art Academy. Moreover, his collections of art writings, artworks and documentary materials will be displayed on the exhibition.
He Art Museum: An Exhibit of Julian Opie
Theme: OP.VR/HEM@shenzhen
Date: 1 October 2022 – 31 January 2023 
Location: 6 Yixing Road, Shunde District, Foshan
Fee: 78 RMB for adults, 28 RMB for children
Renowned British artist Julian Opie presents his first solo exhibition in Southern China, which features the world premiere of his newest virtual reality works. Also on display are a series of portraits and landscapes, depicting the interconnectivity of the urban environment. Intertwined, these works resonate with the viewers, leading them to enter and experience through multiple sensory inputs - sound, touch, vision and balance. 
Boxes Art Museum: Fifth Anniversary Documenta Exhibition
Opened since 28 September 2017, Boxes Art Museum has hosted a variety of cultural events over the past five years, including 29 large-scale thematic exhibitions and 39 workshops, attracting more than 250 artists from home and abroad and over 280,000 visitors. The museum attempts to connect art with society, it also hosts over 100 education events on behalf of public welfare, benefiting over 10,000 families.
On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Box Art Museum, the "Blind Box Public Welfare Project" was launched, providing more opportunities for young artists to create works. At the event, 33 artists were invited to make creative art works in 80 specified iron boxes, involving paintings, installations and videos.

This exhibition presents ceramic and calligraphic works by contemporary Chinese masters of arts and crafts such as Dai Ronghua, Qin Xilin, Wang Xiliang, Zhang Songmao, Zhang Yuxian and Zhou Guozhen. This juxtaposition of paintings and ceramics allows public to appreciate the connection and differences of them, including materials and techniques. Besides, it also enables public to gain an intuitive understanding of the creative paths of the artists.
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