Twelve Bridges stringing up the memory of Foshan old streets
Foshan China 2022-10-04 15:45

The Foshan Asian Arts Park has twelve Bridges, each with its own characteristics. Surrounding around Asian Arts Park, the "green jade" in Chancheng District, the 12 bridges scattered in various corners in the park have witnessed peoples joys and sorrows all year round.


The twelve bridges in Asian Arts Park are respectively named after the streets of Chancheng. With local characteristics, the bridges are historical imprints of the city, showing a full sense of profound culture.


Lets take a stroll around these Bridges!


Gongzheng Bridge


Taohua Bridge


Lianhua Bridge



Fuxian Bridge

Anning Bridge

Yongan Bridge

Jihua Bridge

Fenning Bridge


Tongji Bridge

Jinhua Bridge

Wenchang Bridge

Fumin Bridge


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